How does Kinisiforo work?

Initially, the patient wears a special harness and lift up into Kinisiforo with an electric hoist held by the device.The upper and lower extremities are placed at specific receptions which are adjusted according to the physical characteristics of each patient. The Kinisiforo Hospital Unit operates through symmetrical elliptical motion whilst simultaneously exercise the upper and lower limbs as well as the trunk muscles. Exercise is active and passive, which together with a mechanism counterweight control accurately the intensity of the exercise at each drive cycle. Also Kinisiforo has a display which shows virtual video and has sound that helps the automation learning of motion.

 Operating Settings Kinisiforo

• Adjustable of precise weight adjustment to the legs through a system called counterweight.
• Adjustable height and length of the step as well as width independently at each extremity.
• Adjustable in case of drop foot, Unequal length, internal or external foot rotation, knee or hip deformities.
• Able to work passive and active simultaneously.
• Adjustable speed.
• Ability of forward and backward movement
• Special setting if the spasticity Kinisiforo enters movement freewheel thus providing the Possible Workout Maximum uninterrupted.

Specifications (4th EDITION 2016)

• Dimensions: length 2950 m., Width 900 cm., Height 2600 m.
• Weight 750kg
• Electrical Connecting one phase, 220-240 V, 950 W / h
•  patient characteristics: -maximum patient weight 150kg
                                        - minimum Patient weight 10 kg
                                        - maximum Height patient 200 cm
                                        - minimum Patient height 90 cm

Operating conditions:

• For internal use only
• Temperature 5 ° C -45o C
• Humidity 10% -95%

Speed range:

0-10 km / h

Changing the step size:

• The length of the pitch +/- 30 cm. On each extremity
• The level of Step +/- 12 cm. On each extremity
• The width of the pitch +/- 20 cm. On each extremity

Space required:

At least 4 square meters of free space

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