The KINISIFORO ATHLETES UNIT has been designed to specifically exercise athletes to pass their limits by increasing step length, height and width, as well as to increase speed beyond their normal maximum level. The Athletic unit isn't just for elite athletes, but also for those with the focus and determination to want to train like one.

Our Atheletes unit offers high performance training simultaneously for strength and endurance, which enhances athletes exercise programmes and helps to get them where they strive to be, for example, it can increase the range of motion of the upper and/or lower extremities which is more difficult to achieve with contemporary exercise equipment. With the feedback from past and current patients of Kinisiforo units, and with these goals in mind, we decided to design and construct a new Kinisiforo unit especially for athletes based on biomechanics and neuroplasticity background.

Heavy Plate-loaded power from the ground up keeps the user firmly on the ground with the adjustable anchors for the upper and lower extremities, maximizing balance and explosive power, makes an effective training tool for athletes of all levels. In addition, athletes have the further benefit of the effectiveness of passive - active movements with the convenience of sectorized joint angle, weight load, speed and intensity. 


  • Includes an exciting variety of workout routine with a wide range of effective training accessories.
  • Digital Balance disc
  • Oximeter and Heart rate monitor
  • Virtual reality scenes through the fixed monitor
  • Harness for secure exercise beyond their limits
  • Extra spring for harness to exercise high jump
  • Special Ropes and Balls for coordination exercise. 

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