The NicoMed Rehabilitation Centers are located in two cities on the Island of Cyprus, Limassol and Paphos. The centers are specially designed, for People with a wide range of Motor impairments and Patients with Physical or Mental Disabilities. Established in 2004, with the mission to offer;

"A Holistic approach to Rehabilitation for Quality of Life !''.



 Imperial Middle East Trading L.L.C. is established in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. with the vision to connect Europe with Middle East, G.C.C. and Asia hence strengthening the role of the international relations.  The company links general trading, importing, exporting, wholesale trading, representations for companies, medical equipment and services which are contemporary to the region.  We represent new ideas and strive in improving the quality of life for communities and nations. Our company offers medical and business management projects the opportunity to develop trade and expand in the Middle East and G.C.C. region.  We also launch exceptional innovative products, start-ups and services thus inaugurating the market for them in the region.

We are the exclusive distributors for Kinisiforo Ltd. Medical Equipment and Franchising for Nicomed Rehabilitation centers in The Middle East.  Our expertise and team management has developed the first operational NRC franchise in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Address: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.   Phone:  + 971 50 762 2268 
Email: info@kinisiforoltd.com / qassim@kinisiforoltd.com


Orthocyprus (K.O.E) is an orthotic and prosthetic center established in 2006 in Limassol.The Main activity of the center is to help people with orthopedic problems and disabilities, offering them the most suitable products and professional services that meet their needs. Orthocyprus has a well-equipped workshop and expert personnel for any prosthetic/orthotic project, from the manufacturing to the successful rehabilitation. Using the latest technology and best quality material, Orthocyprus team is able to manufacture from the smallest prosthetic or orthotic braces (lower or upper limb), to the most complicated with electronic control, myoelektric or bionics. The product range expands to many other well known brands, and offers, over the shelf braces and supports, rehabilitation products, mobility aids and medical equipment.


American Medical Center/American Heart Institute (AMC/AHI) is a state of the art health care facility that was founded in 1999 as the first private specialized cardiovascular Institute. In 2011 after moving to its new facilities AMC/AHI started offering a wide range of medical and surgical services and collaborates with highly experienced and competent professionals along with specialized nursing and administrative staff. The American Medical centre offers the best comfort to patients, visitors and employees and also extends to over 3 floors in an area of 10,000 square meters. It possesses 5 operating theaters, and the total number of hospital beds amounts to 50. A helicopter landing pad on the roof of the hospital helps to save time in emergency cases, considering often overly congested roads. 


MB Dianeta - is a contemporary, socially active and responsible private capital company, offering solutions and devices for adaptation of living space of disabled people. Another activity of the company - the most advanced rehabilitation equipment delivery and organization of rehabilitation services for people with different origin and severity of movement disorders.

MB Dianeta is the exclusive distributor of Kinisiforo Ltd.products and NICO MED FRANCHISING in Lithuania and former countries of the Soviet Union.

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), was established in 1990, as a bi-communal, non-profit, private, academic, medical center.  The Vision of CING is to function as an International Centre of Excellence and a Regional Referral Centre in the areas of Neurology, Genetics, Biomedical, Medical and other similar and related Sciences.  The Mission of CING is to develop and provide high level medical and clinical laboratory services, develop and pursue advanced research and provide education in the areas of Neurology, Genetics, Biomedical, Medical and other similar and related Sciences.  Its ultimate scopes are to improve and upgrade the quality of life of all Cypriot citizens, irrespective of religion or national origin, and strengthen its international role in the areas of its specialty.

The European Social Forum of Cyprus

The European Social Forum of Cyprus (ESFC) is a result of 21 years of hard social work by a team of young people from Active Citizens that took part in many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) experienced in the Social course of the Cypriot population in all levels. The ESFC as an institution consists of a Pancyprian Network of NGOs with non-profit targets, which cover various interests on all the possible subjects that preoccupy each organized group of Cypriots. Thus, as a Democratic and Polyphonic platform of action ESFC with Cypriot and European activity aims at the INTEGRATION of the Cyprus Republic in a United European Completion and generally our involved as Cypriots in the European Evolution


IASIS Hospital was established in 2004 by a group of seasoned medical professionals. It is fully licensed by the Cyprus Ministry of Health and built in compliance with EEC regulations. As of 2007 the Hospital has become a member of the Leptos group of companies. As part of the ambitious and innovative Neapolis project, the Hospital is now open to new prospects which include cooperation with medical centers abroad and investment in the new-generation medical technology. The management, staff and doctors of the Hospital are continuously working towards establishing a model medical facility where the patients always come first.

This EU H2020 project involves the creation of an end-to-end integrated digital development platform to facilitate collaboration across stakeholders in the VR ecosystem, and to produce effective VR rehabilitation environments.

Virtual Reality concepts have existed for more than three decades, however the industry has only recently started to demonstrate its potential in a variety of markets. While the largest is the world of entertainment, the technology is now increasingly being used in areas such as manufacturing, training, heritage, and architecture. The healthcare sector too is beginning to make use of virtual and augmented reality for training, administering of surgical procedures, mental health, and rehabilitation practices.

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